"Openindiana very slow" issue

My blog written in japanese.
but I found a google suggest "Openindiana very slow"
We all feel Openindiana is slow !?
I found what are problems.
So, I write in broken english.

Default Scheduler = FX

if my memory is correct,
Default scheduler is not TS(Time sharing) on Openindiana.
then , one multithread application be able to use only 1CPU.
check /etc/dispadmin.conf , and

# dispadmin -d TS

to choose time sharing scheduler to default. you can also choose FSS.

slow I/O problem

intel laptop graphics and USB 2.0 are requires more large I/O access.
tune /etc/system parameters for desktop use.

#STREAMS speed up
#block io

you can also tune shared memory allocate , semaphore max ids.

Video playing more smooth

Disable ZFS file level prefetch for smooth video playing.
many small seqencial access cause choke ZFS prefetch.

"contract" hack for speed up

Openindiana on HP Probook 6550b (CPU:Core i3 350M)
can run 4 threads.
multiplie by 3

# prctl -n project.max-contracts -v 12 -r -i project 0