Free Atomothermal Energy from AA Battery

Did you think so... Why free energy machines are not appeared public?
Why is secret still secret?
Free energy machines around the world , its supreme secret.

I made the circuit below,
The Voltage of AA battery, Fixed.
Fixed Voltage control for battery.
What's happen?
it warm above 25℃ , AA battery is charged by heat in environment.
Then , we can use heat as electric.
The battery will not empty.
You can use alkaline , lithium AA, Ni-MH , NiCd batteries.
it cold under 25℃, Use Ni-MH batteries with large self-discharge effect(cheaper or large capacity model).
it cold under 20℃, all batteries stop output. more experiment in progress.
One More Experiment:
MPPT revised
MPPT control(Likes Solar cells) for stable output power.But eat energy in battery.
more stable circuit above 20℃.

Now Progress:
if it warm above 28℃ , voltage of the battery at no-load , unstable.
i will make a non-stop circuit.

Update: May-7-2018
Ni-MH 4cell with about +2mv/℃ voltage / thermal control.
can work at wide thermal enviroment.

Update: May-16-2018
this PWM circuit, no power dissipation in off state.
more reliable in wide thermal environment.

Update: June-3-2018
in high temprature,many batteries less active.
Many batteries has safe system.
but there are not charge by high temprature.
I gived up in summer.
You should interest the patent WO/2006/128406.
i arranged to: minus: iron electrode: diet salt solution(NaCl+KCl) Plus: binchoutan(likes Carbon sponge)
it works.
but We must discharge from it. or destroy it by thermal overcharge.

This technology is free hardware. No one dominant the free energy.